Nepeta Amaro

Nepeta Amaro


This Italian amaro is made primarily from Nepitella, a mint varietal that grows in the Italian countryside. It also includes, lemon, gentian and other herbs grown wildly.
At the bottom of the palate, after the first sip, there is a slight bitterness.

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A collaboration between two cousins, Nepeta was started in 2016 with the goal of making a traditional drink using mainly the nepitella herb. Nepitella is an herb native to south eastern Sicily where the counsins grew up. They began cultivating it for the amaro and farm organically at an altitude of 600+meters. The bulk of the botanicals in this liqueur are nepetella, followed by Siracusa lemon peels and a melange of bitter Sicilian herbs. No colorants or additional flavoring agents are used. The result is an amaro that is remarkably fresh and vibrant. The nepitella has a flavor like a cross between mint and oregano. Get creative with your cocktails or simply use it for a spritz or digestivo.