Brix is a wine store conceived to make buying wine at a level that all can be comfortable with. Our focus is on educating our customers on what they want to know, help them get the information wanted from our knowledgeable staff. We’ve always felt the best way to learn is through experience, which is why our tasting format is another avenue for our customers to become better educated about what they purchase. This approach is intended for the novice to be at ease, the more verse to engage in a teaching and learning approach. It is our goal for all customers to feel good about the choice they make and know when they return the process can only continue to get better.


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Pick up Your Wine & Dinner All in One Spot!

Brix is a delivery location for 9 Miles East Farms every Tuesday at 6pm and every Friday at 4:30pm. Order a pizza or a dinner-to-go meal online and pick it up at Brix. At pick-up, you can browse through our selections or choose from our weekly suggested pairings, which will compliment your meal! Brix is the only location in Malta that 9 Miles East Farm delivers to –  a healthy, convenient & affordable dinner option to enjoy with a perfectly paired wine!